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    Ethic's and Sustainability

At Wild Soul Australia we are trying to play our part in Minimising our negative impact on the environment and the Carbon Footprint we leave. We are also passionate about fair trade and supporting Australian Labels that do not Mass Produce. 
With Conservation in mind we send all our orders in Compostable Mailers thanks to Hero Packaging. 90-95% of plastic and food scraps end up in landfill. Hero packaging is made from materials that even if it does end up in landfill, it will still break down with no waste. Humanity's carbon footprint has increased 11 fold since 1961, by all playing our part we can make essential steps to live within the means of our planet and help preserve it for future generations. 
The element of Ethic's in the Fashion Industry is held in high regard here at Wild Soul Australia. We work hard to try and streamline our Collections and align ourselves with Australian Designers that are Transparent with their production process and embrace the Ethos of Ecological Integrity and Social Justice. By fostering this policy we feel it will allow us to supply Quality Garments that last longer, whilst still being created valuing the Fair Treatment of people, Animals and the Planet.
We are by no means perfect but it is our mission to stay Focused and Disciplined in this area. We will continue to strive to create a Culture of Change and hopefully inspire others to nurture Mother Earth and all that inhabits her.
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