Giving Back

At Wild Soul Australia we are forever grateful for the opportunities we have available to us and the life we live. We are aware that this isn't the case for everyone and we want to play a small part in making a difference and paying it forward.
We will take $1 from every sale to donate to a charity on behalf of all of our loyal customers.
Currently the chosen charity is Cure Brain Cancer Foundation.
Sadly Brain Cancer survival rates are low and have hardly changed in 30 years. Very little is known about Brain Cancer, its causes and how to treat it. It kills more children than any other disease in Australia and receives very little funding compared to other cancers. For information on brain cancer or to make your own donation go to the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation
Let's make a change, kindness is key xxx   


 Giving Back | Wild Soul Australia


 In Honour and Loving Memory of

Cheryl Spooner






 Thank you so much for a fantastic first year Wild Souls, you have contributed to much needed funds going towards the fight against Brain Cancer x