About Us

Wild Soul Australia has been curated exclusively for any modern woman that loves dressing to her mood, casual luxury and transcending the trends. We endeavour to provide a vast collection of fresh and effortless designs that invoke courage and spirit.
We believe The Wild Soul woman is a free spirit, an explorer at heart with a deep connection with nature and her surroundings. She is looking to boost her confidence and unearth a new empowered and feminine side to herself through style.
Join us on a journey, sourcing fashion infused with an edgy new-age feel, mixed with an old school vibe. Eclectic creations that take inspiration from a simpler time, endless summers and magical worldly travels. From Coast to Country we are influenced from all over.
We love all facets of design from textures, lace, faux fur, embroidery to an array of colours and bespoke prints, bringing you a blend of unique pieces to give your best self a captivating style.
Take inspiration from our outfits or mix up the pieces, there are no rules and you are the creator of your individuality.
Our aim at Wild Soul Australia is to motivate you to push the limits of your style. Channel your Wild Soul and get creative!

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