A Dream, A Vision, A Reality!


A Dream, A Vision, A Reality! | Blog | Wild Soul Australia

The Creation and The Creator of Wild Soul Australia!

We are starting our Journaling entries with a first.....A look behind the scenes of Wild Soul Australia.

Michelle is the visionary behind this creation, a Mother, A Wife, A Traveller, A Creative Soul, A Free Spirit, A risk taker and the Woman behind the hat! An extremely private person but Passionate to fulfil her dreams and ambitions. On top of that, she is driven to create a balanced and purpose filled life for her family and self and to be a role model for her children by instilling in them that anything is possible, hard work does pay off and self belief will help you ride the wave that is life.

Taking the leap to be amongst the mix in the Fashion Industry, has been a 23 year procrastination. A journey that began in High school with a lot of self doubt, questioning what could be her contribution to this industry and what role she could play. Even with the unconditional support from her family, many with whom have amazing textile skills, including her inspiring Nan a well respected Couture Dressmaker. She was still plagued with the right path to choose. Towards the end of her schooling she received top marks in the state for Major work designs, along with a humble critique from the White House School and encouragement to study there in the following year. It still couldn't create clarity.

This dream would be booked marked but never forgotten. Moving forward she pursued her passion for travel, she aligned herself in this industry to combine her love of worldly explorations into her day to day work. This decision would serve her well for the future ahead and create a foundation of knowledge and appreciation of the world and those in it. Additional to this amazing career, over a decade was spent in the Beauty Industry and becoming the director of her Salon.

These two amazing chapters couldn't have been placed any better into her life story. Both industries have created so much depth and life lessons into this 360 degree journey, that has ironically taken her back to the Fashion Industry.
A lot of thought and consideration has gone into the development of Wild Soul Australia. We have included in the header and footer, some of the many storyboards that went into the research phase of this brand. Michelle's Wanderlust has helped with sourcing fashion inspired from around the globe and is captured in her style selections. Michelle knows too well the feeling you get when you find that perfect piece of fashion, that unique piece that speaks to you and you have to have it. All of these collections are lovingly curated, to bring that same joy to the Wild Soul Family.


We sit down with Michelle to get a little insight into the person behind the scenes-

1. If you could only have one colour in your wardrobe, what would it be?
I am a cool colour kind of girl, so it would have to be sea green or blue.

2. What is your current 'go to' piece in your wardrobe at the moment?
My Ruby Jewel Gypsy dress in Scarlett Sage (No longer Available) so comfortable and a different colourway from my usual cool colour palettes.

3. You have done a fair bit of travel, what would be your favourite place?
Internationally: Bora Bora - Tahiti
Domestically: Heron Island - Queensland Australia
It's the sea green and blue water that gets me every time.

4. Life Changing book?
Can't Hurt Me - By David Goggins
Such an inspiring story on endurance and the power of the mind and self belief.

and without a doubt..

The Happiest Man on Earth - By Eddie Jaku
A absolute privilege to be able to read this amazing mans story. I am inspired by Eddie's strength, courage and positive mindset everyday. A true hero.


5. Final Message.....
It is such a joy to be able to be in this position. Although Wild Soul Australia is in its infancy and we have only just dipped our toe in, I am super excited about the future. I am forever grateful for all the wonderful people that have been by my side throughout my life, during this creation and those who continue to join us along the way. Everyone's love and good vibes never goes unnoticed. Big love Wild Soul's and thanks for coming on this ride.

                                                                                         Michelle | Wild Soul Australia

A Dream, A Vision, A Reality! | Blog | Wild Soul Australia

* Not all imaginary on our story boards were captured by Wild Soul Australia.