Sustainable Fashion

As much as we love our Fashion here at Wild Soul Australia, we Love our Environment just as much.
It's hard to fathom that the Fashion Industry emits more Carbon Emissions annually than International flights and Maritime shipping combined.
The Social pressures of getting our hands on the Latest Styles and Fast Fashions ever so Tempting Affordability, makes for a High turn over in Garments and approximately 57% of discarded Clothes going into Landfill. Not only is this percentage concerning knowing that physically, Millions of Metric tones of Material end up in Landfill but to keep in mind that once this Landfill starts piling up, large Quantities will then be moved onto be incinerated. This burning off process poses devastating risks to public health of those Communities located near to the toxic substances and poisonous gases travelling through the air, combined with a detrimental affect on the Environment.
In these times of rising living costs, it is easy to gravitate to clothing with a more Economically Appealing price tag but as a consumer, change really needs to start with us. Shifting our demand away from the Fast Fashion styles can be much easier said than done but if we make a conscious effort to give our next purchase a little thought and consider...
- Would this item has been Shipped from a Production factory in an under developed country where there is no minimal wage and work conditions can be dangerous.
- The prices is great but is it going to last 2 washes.
- If this garment has been massed produced am I going to see every second person wearing it and loose my Unique Style.
- How much negative impact has this piece of clothing subjected to the environment through production. 
Sure this isn't everyone's way of thinking when you see an amazing dress that fits perfectly and has a great price, naturally you feel like all of the stars have aligned, its a great day and you will look amazing at your next event but, wouldn't it be great if we could alter our mindsets a bit and explore some alternatives.
If even we just start with small steps, maybe just a few purchases a year implementing a considered purchase and help to create a positive momentum towards an evolving Circular Fashion Industry where we contribute to eliminating pollution and waste. A world where materials are used for as long as possible and then Reused to make new products and so continues the cycle again.

How can we help Fashion become Sustainable?

At Wild Soul Australia we have a couple of ways we are trying to reduce our Carbon Foot...
- We look for Brands that take a Minimal Waste approach to Fabrics and Materials, like the gorgeous Nomad the Label who achieve this by making Scrunchies from their Material Off Cuts. Read more on Nomad the Labels Sustainability Mission.
- Support Labels with better working conditions in Manufacturing and Labour, aiding to unify Sustainability and Ethical Practices, where human rights are not exploited. We love our Labels like House of Skye that work with a small Family run Business in Jaipur India  This family is like Tash's extended family and looked after as such. Read More on House of Skye Production.
- We source out Labels that do not Mass Produce, not only does this help with Slow Fashion but as a Consumer it allows us to get some Key Long Lasting Statement Pieces for our Wardrobes, that are Unique and have only been Designed in Small Batches. An example of one of our Labels that masters this beautifully is Little Miss Gypsy. This Designer and others in our collection create Exquisite pieces in small Quantities and once they have been sold there are no more, Creating Beautiful Limited Additions.
- Being mindful of Materials used is a big one for us and playing our role in the Circular Fashion movement and we do this currently in a number of ways such as stocking Belts from House of Skye made from Recycled Leather. Vegan Friendly Faux Fur and Faux Suede are materials we love and Natural Fibres such as Cotton and Linen are Fabrics that Wear well and Look Fantastic. The creators at MOS the Label value the importance of this and take great care and consideration into their material selections. Read More on MOS the Labels Preferred Fibres.
If we can all try make conscious efforts together to change, we may surprise ourselves how small actions can make Big Differences.
Keep Treading Lightly Wild Souls x
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