Treasures For a New Year!

We are starting 2022 off with an extension of our Accessories Rangeadding some gorgeous Boho Treasures for your Jewellery box.
Our Jewellery Collection has been Curated with Timeless Pieces to go with all of your Exquisite Evening DressesCoastal Midi Dresses, Bohemian  Maxi Dresses  and Everyday Camis and Skirts.
We have stayed true to our Sustainable Fashion mission with some of our Silver Jewellery crafted from Recycled Metal. Every little bit helps to Tread a Little Lighter on the Earth and we are happy to play our part in trying to Reduce Our Impact on the Environment.
All of our Handpicked pieces have been chosen to complete your Outfits and be a Statement without overpowering your Style. A Good Coordination of Wardrobe and Jewellery will help you nail a Flawless On Point Look every time.

How to Accentuate your look....

Silver Jewellery

- Silver is classed as a Neutral Tone and works well with Cooler Skin Tones.

- It also works well as a Contrast with Darker Tones like Black, Grey and Icy Colours with Cool Undertones like Blue and Green Colour palettes. Colours like Dark Blue and Burgundy create a Rich Background for the Silver to Shine against.

- It is good to avoid Lighter Colours and Pastels like Yellow with Silver Jewellery as it tends to drown out the Silver Shine.


Gold Jewellery

- Gold is classed as a Warm Colour and works well with Warmer Skin Tones and Darker Hair Colours.

- Gold Jewellery works with Warm Colour Palettes and Earthy Tones.


Boho Jewellery

Creating Balance with your Accessories

If you are unsure where to start then these little pointers can help create clarity and guidance when styling.

- Mixing metals is totally ok and can create a nice balance.

- Less is more can be a good rule of thumb. Jewellery or Clothes, just pick one focal point. For example if you have an Elaborate Dress, Simple Earrings will accelerate the Wow Factor of your Gorgeous Dress. If you have a Sexy Little Black Dress then you have a Blank Canvas to go to town with your Accessories.

- Earrings are great to make a Statement, they Frame your Face, are in the Line of Vision and you can work with your Hair Colour to make Colours Pop. If Earrings are the Hero in your outfit, paring back your Necklace or going without will definitely create Balance.

- Necklaces are fantastic Feminine pieces that you can use to your advantage with certain Necklines. With a V Neckline a simple Pendant Necklace sitting in the V above your Cleavage is such an Elegant Look. Long Necklaces work well with higher Necklines and a Round Necklace is perfect for Scoop Necklines or Round Necklines.

- Rings and Bracelets can look really classy when you keep it light. Create a cohesive look by choosing a Ring and Bracelet that complement one another and Balance by opting for Bracelets on one hand and Rings on the other.


We are strong believers in creating your own style and not to be a slave to trends. Fashion is like Art and it really is a personal choice to allow your personality to shine through, do what makes you feel Happy.


Boho Necklaces