The Boho Story

Boho.... short for Bohemian!
Boho.... It is a term we hear a bit and this month we wanted to turn the Spotlight on this style, giving everyone a look into its origins and History, through to its current position in the Fashion World Today.

What is Boho Fashion?

Boho is a style that has been strongly recognised as Relaxed with Long Flowing Silhouettes, created through Tiered Maxi Skirts and Dresses as well as Billowing Sleeves and Peasant Tops. It is a style open to lots of Layering through different pieces of Clothing, Jewellery and Accessories.
Boho Fashion | Wild Soul Australia

Where did Boho Fashion Originate from?

Back in the French Revolution of the 18th Century was when a Bohemian Culture started to be recognised, when poverty of that time forced many to wear old and used Clothes. After time Social pressures began to ease and this Style remained, it became a popular choice of individuals that wanted to express themselves through Fashion. This dress choice was similar to the Nomadic Gypsies of Eastern Europe in the region of Bohemia and so the term Bohemian was born.
The Bohemian Fashion culture continued to gain momentum through the 19th Century when creative souls, rebelled against tradition Corset dress wear of the times and they embraced looser fitting clothing. 
In the 60's and 70's the style really started to Evolve and the Hippie Movement took on a whole other Level of Design, with Embroidery, Fringing, Flares and Mix Prints.
Fast Forward to the 2000's and Today, the Influences are still there but with a Modern Twist and Elegantly incorporated into other Trends. Stars like Sienna Miller, Nicole Ritchie and the Olsen Twins really put Boho Mixed looks on the Map in the early 2000's.
Boho Fashion | Wild Soul Australia

What Makes a Boho Style?

Boho Embellishments: An all time Favourite here at Wild Soul Australia HQ, in the form of Embroidery, Applique, Fringing and anything that adds Character and Definition to a piece.
Boho Embroidery | Wild Soul Australia
Boho Materials: Our Favourite Materials used in Design, hands down are Lace and Crochet, along with Ethically prooduced Leathers, Fur and Suede. The Trusty and Faithful Denim is also widely used.
Faux Suede Jacket | Wild Soul Australia
Boho Prints: We love a Fantastic Bespoke Print from Tribal, Paisley, Floral and Trellis all bringing a Garment to life.
Bespoke Prints | Wild Soul Australia

Is Bohemian Fashion Still On Trend in 2022?

Coming out of nearly 2 years in and out of Lockdowns we would say that Soft Lines, Comfortable Flowing Pieces and Non Conventional ways of Dressing are definitely still in.
Some Critics believe that the Boho Style has seen its day but, looking at History it shows that Boho has Graced the lives of many since the 18th Century in some Shape or Form, We believe the Modern Boho is in and a style that is fitting to many. It is more than a Fading Trend but also a Lifestyle.
Here at Wild Soul Australia we love the Versatility of this Style, it can be incorporated with other Highly Recognised and Current Trends and we love that. It is a Style that Represents a range of Cultures and Eras around the World with its Eclectic mix of Prints and Materials. We are always excited to see the next twist in Bohemian Fashion, as it paves its own Unique path in our History, Lives and Wardrobes.
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* Imagery courtesy of our Designers and Pinterest.