5 Tips for Shopping Online

With more and more of us taking advantage of the 'working from home' alternatives that have been introduced through the Covid Pandemic, it seems many of us are maximising on these benefits and life changing versatility, by making the move from the Big City to a calmer and more Balanced Lifestyle in Rural or less populated areas of the Country.
Moving to these areas is such a great opportunity that may never have been an option prior. Inevitably Online Shopping started to play a potentially bigger role in peoples lives, with limited accessibility to the abundance of stores that once filled their days.
Shopping Online for Clothes may be an unfamiliar territory for some consumers but, it doesn't have to be a headache or send your anxiety through the roof. We have found that if you have a checklist in place, you can go in prepared to have an enjoyable and Positive Shopping Experience. 

5 Top Tips for Successfully Shopping for Clothes Online


1. Check the Stores Terms and Conditions

Not all Online Stores have the same Policies in place. Some may offer Refunds on Limited Items, No refunds at all or happy to Refund all items on offer. In the way of Postage, stores can cover the cost on all returns and others may not. It is a must to familiarise yourself with these before you commit to your purchase. Take a moment to think about different scenarios that may happen! If there is a chance that you aren't going to be completely happy with this item are you prepared to pay to send it back?, or are you ok with a Store Credit to spend at a later date? If these aren't options you are flexible on and you want a Full Refund or Free Return Postage in this type of situation then, to save disappointment you want to make sure you shopped at a store that will meet your needs.


2. Check Measurements before you Buy

This is a simple one but people can easily fall into the trap of buying and not checking measurements against their own. A lot of stores list exact Measurements on Individual Garments, other may to have a Generic Model Measurement. If you know that at times you can be on the cusp of  2 sizes or are still hesitant it never hurts to contact the Store Directly to get exact Measurements on the Piece that you are after. Piece of mind in this case always saves on disappoint on arrival.


3. Check the Reviews of the Store

If you are shopping with an online store that you have never brought from before, it is always a great idea to check reviews. Whether it be on their Website, Google or Social Media, these Platforms are fantastic tools to gain Confidence with the Store before you Buy. In some cases you may even find Reviews on exact pieces of Clothing you maybe interested in that can really help with your decision making. Never be disheartened if a store doesn't have 100% Glowing Reviews, keep in mind that you cannot please everyone and people can be unforgiving. The way a Store handles these negative reviews is always a great window into the people behind the scenes and can usually help create clarity.


4. Check Postage Times

There is nothing worst than buying an Outfit for a specific occasion and it not arriving in time. This information should be clearly advertised to the Customer so they can make an informed decision, especially if they are needing something by a specific time frame. This is a big one as well if you have opted for a Sea change out of one of the Big Cities and postage can take that little bit longer. Check if there are Normal and Express Post options, information that gives you an indication on packing and dispatch time as well is really handy. It is all good and well if Australia Post can get it to you within 3-5 Business Days but if it takes the store just as long to pack your order, your delivery time has just doubled.


5. Have an Open Mind

This one is a big one when Shopping Online when it comes to Colours and Patterns of some Garments. I'm sure that we have all fallen into this pit of disappointment when something arrives and its not the exact same colours we have seen on our screens or monitors. Unfortunately this is a tricky on because we are all viewing things differently through different lens. Being opened minded when buying means that you can understand if the blue of your Dress isn't as vibrant as the blue you saw on your phone and still love it anyway. 


Shopping online can be a positive experience, especially if you take the time to do some checks before you commit to your purchase and always remember that one experience doesn't necessarily mean that the next store you look to shop at will be the same. If in doubt always contact the store to get more details, pictures etc. most store owners have been where you have been and will be more than happy to provide you will more information.
Happy Online Shopping x
5 tips for Shopping Online